About Foggy Project

Francesco “Foggy” Pintaudi is a musician and producer living in Lisbon. Originally from Palermo, Sicily, he started his first author project, HANK!, and began playing with musician Nicolò Carnesi.

After years of recording and touring in Italy, he moves to Berlin, where he finds a different and intriguing musical landscape. After two years of introspection and absorbing the city life, he moves to Portugal.

In Lisbon he begins a new chapter in his artistic life. He creates the WATTAFOG project, which marks the beginning of a phase of experimentation with new electronic and synthetic sonorities. As a result of this experimentation the FOGGY PROJECT project was born.
Within a few months he produces and records four singles, Vermelho, Never Give Up, My Day and To Welcome the Sadness. The release of these singles brings a stream of concerts all over the country, highlighting his participation in the final of the Termómetro Festival, and his songs are heard on the radio stations – SBSR Radio, Observador Radio, Nova Radio, Antena 3.

In 2020, he launches the project No Escurinho, with musician and author Daniele Pistone. The video clip, released with Glam Magazine and Público newspaper, resulted from an appeal by the musician to artists and friends to contribute with videos recorded during lockdown.

After nearly two years of recording, Foggy Project is getting ready to present his first solo album In Appropriate Use Of Dangerous Tools (March 2022), anticipated by the singles releases Sand and Time.

Foggy Project features numerous concerts all over Portugal, and some periodical presence in his home country, Italy.

His original tracks are highly requested in the Portuguese capital, in places with a renowned cultural background:  “Praia irmão”, “Pensão amor”, “Bartô do Chapitô” and more count on his steady presence.

Foggy Project is also an ambassador for italian culture in Lisbon, having had a strong presence at the Italian Cinema Festival ceremonies, in which his music opened the doors of Cinema São Jorge for a cultural fusion.

This last year was full of the author’s new releases:
In December 30th ’22 he published a cover with the participation of JoLy “Hold Tight”, based on an original song by Gino Soccio from 1981.

It didn’t take long and on February 14th, 2023 the new title was released, “Katja Pina Mon Amour” in collaboration with Paula Lovely, an activist and a multifaceted performer.

Recently, on September 30th 2023, the album “Between the clouds” was released together with his friend, musician and writer Little Gas. This album pays homage to Nick Drake and is produced and mixed by Foggy from 2020 to 2023, between Lisbon and Canterbury.

Foggy Project is not only an artist on stage, but also in the studio as his music production skills are highly sought after among singers and musicians from various hemispheres of art and language.

On November 17th 2023 comes a new single “Ahi! Buongiorno” recorded between Lisbon and Porto, and produced by João Moreira at Moreira Studios in Porto. It featured Daniele Pistone (back vocals, synth and percussions) and Klênio Barros (trombone).

A new double EP is in the pipeline, focused on the raw electronic sound and the duality of night and day. This conceptual production will be released in two parts during 2024 each complemented by a single and a full Live Set of the whole EP.


Foggy Project’s music is a continuous search for sounds and atmospheres inspired by Northern European electronic music and rhythms that take us to a world apparently without cultural and artistic barriers. The artist’s repertoire mixes several languages, including Italian, English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, Greek etc., and voices, due and thanks to the collaboration of different performers and authors, who contribute their own originality to the project.
With a light melancholy, revealing in part of his being, Francesco Pintaudi, invites our ears to the simple beauty of things and does so through a clear and simple language, which floats sweetly between the intriguing notes of his music.